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We Encourage Bible Study Groups at Coolidge Baptist Church

Coolidge Baptist Church believes in the importance of having breakout Bible study groups from our Sunday school classes. Anyone may request to lead one of our small groups, or our pastor may appoint leaders as he sees fit. All you must do is create a curriculum based on that week’s message from our Sunday morning worship service. Our small informal groups may even be run from home if you wish. However, every Sunday, we allot time for juice, coffee, and donuts fellowship, Sunday school, and Bible study before the main worship service. Learn more about the encouragement and engagement fueled by Bible study in small groups at Coolidge Baptist Church.

three people studying the bible together

Explore the Benefits of Small Informal Bible Study Groups

Bible study is beneficial to members of our congregation for many reasons, including the following:

Provides a Different Perspective

Bible study fosters open discussion, so you can feel comfortable asking questions and expressing your thoughts about the Word of God. Our Small groups allow you to explore various perspectives related to faith.

Promotes Attendance

As you find yourself looking forward to Bible study and spending time with your new friends, you will also find yourself eager to attend the worship service. It is all too easy to become distracted from your faith by outside sources. Attending a Bible study allows you to be held accountable by other group members who miss you when you do not attend.

Fosters Fellowship

Are you new to Coolidge Baptist Church? Often, the best way to familiarize yourself with other faces in the congregation is to join one of our small groups. Bible study promotes social interaction within our community, so you can gain more respect for others while supporting one another and fostering friendships. Gathering together to study the scriptures is an excellent way to deepen your relationship with God and others in the church.

Allows Personalized Spiritual Growth

We recognize that everyone’s spiritual journey is different. Bible study enables you to learn at your own pace while presenting you with the essential study skills you will need to interpret and understand the Word of God. Many of our church members enjoy reading the Bible on their own throughout the week and then coming together as a group to see what they have learned.

Get Involved at Coolidge Baptist Church

Individuals of all ages are welcome to lead our small Bible study groups at Coolidge Baptist Church in Thomas County, Georgia. Please reach out to us today for additional details about getting more involved with other members of our congregation. We are always very appreciative of our group volunteers, as many of our church and community outreach events are centered around the ongoing activities and fellowship fostered within the small group setting.

Loving God, Loving People